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FRP Pipes & Fittings

Rock Plast ® FRP Pipes & Fittings provide significantly superior mechanical properties, mainly due to using continuous glass filament reinforcements which are wound base on the calculation angle winding degree & advance technology.

Rock Plast ® FRP Pipe designed by professional engineer & exceed to major international standard such as AWWA M.45, ASME B31.3 & ASTM 2996

Rock Plast ® provides in many classification of FRP Pipe such as : Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Glass Reinforced Vinyl Ester (GRE) & GRP Mortar Pipe, and available in SN number 2500-5000-10000 with the range pressure class from 50 Psi – 100 Psi – 150 Psi – 250 Psi – 300 Psi.

Advantages of Rock Plast® FRP Tank

  • Designed by Professional Engineer to get optimum quality & cost.
  • Customized order base on Size-Pressure-Stiffness Class Number (SN)
  • Refer to International Standard
  • Manufactured by Advance Technology in Filament Winding System
  • Free Maintenance & Long Service Life
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Light Weight
  • Corrosion Resistant Material, no need any lining, coatings, wraps or cathodic protection.
  • Low Friction Loss
  • Light Weight
  • Available Diameter from DN 50 up to DN 3000
  • Available Length Standard : 6 M & 12 M

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