Composite Alum® – GFRP Roofing

Composite Alum® is a high quality GFRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Chemicals Resistant Roofing, manufactured by Continuous Laminating in the automatic & oven cured system.

Composite Alum® constructed by special UV light & Chemicals Resistant Resin and on the top surface is coated by UV PE Film to increase the life time and UV protection.

Advantages of Composite Alum® GFRP Roofing

  • Excellent UV Resistant (Protected by PE Film Coating)
  • High Capacity Production (2000M2/day)
  • Manufactured by Advance Technology Continuous Laminating System
  • Extra Length up to 14 Meters/sheet
  • Superior Long Term Chemicals Resistant
  • One Stop Roofing Manufacturer & Supply
    (Design – Engineering – Installation)
  • Guarantee 10 Years

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