Bioseptic Biotech System

BiosepticTM using “Biotechnology Media” to grow up bacteria, “Biotechnology Media”became the most important element in BiosepticTM biological processes. Biotech elements in a space designed for maximum bacterial growth. The surface area of “Biotechnology Media” is the most widely 800m2/m3, the advantages are treatment system more efficient, reducing cost and increase effluent flow quality.

Advantages & benefit of BiosepticTM biological treatment :

1. Compact system, in the one tank package

2. Easy and fast installation

3. Capacity available for up grading

4. Simple operation & Simple maintenance

5. Casing made by FRP Tank – Helical Winding System – ASTM Satandard

6. Reducing area replacement

7. Available to install at the basement, parking area & front garden

8. Available for uderground installation

9. Effluent quality  accordance to quality standard of environment minister regulations.

10. Waste flow rate capacity up to 400 M3 per day.

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