Tanjung Jati B Ultra-supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant 5 & 6 Expansion Project 2000 MW

Gaja Fiberglass – the global manufacturer of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic) with a well known FRP Pipe Brand “Rock Plast”, successfully involved at the ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant project – Tanjung Jati B Unit 5 & 6 expansion 2000 MW.

It is a strict assessment process that needs quality commitment during supply installation, which are the major points of the assessment.
Thousand meters of various size 2” – 20” complete with all fittings used as the chlorination, wastewater and chemicals piping at the main house and boiler processing plant unit.

Considering the high corrosive pipe line application, Gaja Fiberglass used the highest grade of resin, Vinyl Ester. And we design the corrosion layer of GRP pipe with double layer Nexus synthetic surfacing veil.

The Project, which is BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) scheme, between Sumitomo Corporation- Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc- and PT United Tractors Tbk Sumitomo Corporation will fully utilize its experience of EPC business in the construction of this power plant and plan to adopt Japanese products in major components, thus the Project contributes “quality infrastructure investment”. In Indonesia, Sumitomo Corporation has extensive track record of both power generation business and EPC business of electric power infrastructure projects, including the Tanjung Jati B coal-fired power plant Unit 1 to 4 which is running stably as a base-load power plant for supplying 11% of electricity in Jawa Bali Grid system.

Rock Plast FRP Pipe as the Chlorination Pipe

Production Gallery

Rock Plast FRP Pipe DN 300 x 11,5 m (length) –Plain End Type

FRP Spool Reduce Tee Pipe DN300 x DN250 x11,5m

Rock Plast FRP Pipe DN 500 x 11,5 m (length) –Plain End Type

Filament Winding System, available size up to DN 3000mm

Stuffing process of Rock Plast

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