Export Fan Stack to Japan

Gajafiberglass as the global FRP Manufacturing successfully deliver the export order for Nippon Molymer Co Ltd,  for Japan Market. This is the long term contract supply start form 2019 up to end of Dec 2021.

Nippon Molymer Co Ltd, as the a big holding company which engages in the manufacture, process, and distribution of synthetic resin molding materials. Its product includes unsaturated polyester resin, vinylester resin, epoxy, SMC, BMC, PP, PE, PS, PVC, fluoroplastics, rubber, OPP Film, CPP Film, PET Film, EVA, PVB sealant, glass fiber, glass textile, glass yarn, and tank panel. It also offers bathroom components, washbasin counter, cooling tower components, aero parts, siding, palette, container, molds, molding machine, screen printer, electronic materials, ion exchange resin, and functional chemical. The company was founded in July 1980 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

Nippon Molymer  Co Ltd, is very selective to get the vendor.

The critical of the Fan Stack order, is Gajafiberglass with the skill and engineering capability shall manufacture and make precision molding refer the drawing and doing pre assembly for each segment, and  manufacture base on ASTM C582 & Japan Quality Standard.

Gajafiberglass is very straight to conduct the quality control, final QC inspection prior to stuffing is the essential process to make sure each item refer to drawing.

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