PT. Graha Adhi Jaya Abadi as a company engaged in the manufacturing industry FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) has a strong commitment to provide satisfaction to customers, employees, stakeholders, the community, government, suppliers & contractors by implementing a Quality Management System, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment (QHSE) by:

  1. Maintaining a SAFETY FIRST focus at all times.
  2. Engaging in a continuous improvement process in all areas including Safety, Health, Environment and Quality of the products & services provided.
  3. Preventing the occurrence of deviations in manufacturing processes, safety incidents and accidents, occupational diseases, and environmental pollution in all aspects of company activities.
  4. Complying with the laws and other applicable QHSE requirements related to all company activities.
  5. To economize the use of natural resources & energy in all aspects of the company’s activities;
  6. Cooperating and communicating with all stakeholders in relation to QHSE

Company Capability

GAJA Fiberglass is a specialist designer, manufacturer & installer of quality FRP Products. We deliver custom engineered FRP / Composite solutions to suit customer needs.

GAJA Fiberglass operates across a range of industry sectors & works closely with Chemical and Chemical processing plants, Food industry, Battery industry, Fertilizer plants, Oil & Gas refineries, Water and Waste water treatment plants, Air Pollution Control, Mining, Mineral processing & Smelting, Power Stations and Building Construction.

GAJA Fiberglass also provide detail engineering, design and drafting service for the FRP Products.

GAJA Fiberglass provides comprehensive inspection services for FRP equipment.

Core & Competencies

  • Design & Engineering of GRP/RTRP & Mortar Pipe & Fittings including full positive & negative pressure (vacuum) design calculations to ASME B31.3, ASTM D2996.
  • Design & Engineering of GRP/RTRP & Mortar of Buried pipe application including the stiffness class calculation to AWWA M45 standard.
  • Design & Engineering of FRP Tanks taking in to account the corrosion barrier, seismic design, anchoring system, lifting design and wind load calculation. The calculations are undertaken to ASME RTP-1, BS 4994 and AS 2634 Standards
  • Design & Engineering of GFRP Roofing & Gutter including the sky lighting calculation, gutter volume and size calculation, cutting plan & roof plan details.
  • Design & Engineering of Sectional Panel Tank, including lay out of foundation.
  • Manufacturing of a wide range of FRP Products using advance technologies and skilled manpower.

Company Facilities

  • Factory 1 : 2.000 M2
  • Ware house : 1.500 M2
  • Factory 2 : 3.500 M2
  • Factory 3 : 5.000 M2
  • Factory 1 & 2 very close to Port Approx. 2 Km.
  • Horizontal Filament Winding Machine : 3 Units
  • Vertical Filament Winding Machine : 1 Unit
  • Continuous Laminating Machine : 1000 M2/day
  • Over Head Crane 5T : 1 Unit
  • Over Head Crane 30T : 2 Units

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